About Shauna-Kay Cassell

Hello! Thank you for coming to browse my site.

Over five years ago, I had a desire to go back home- to Jamaica. I hadn’t returned since I first migrated to Canada as a child, and I just wanted to see what Jamaica was like; not through my parents’ perspective or through friends’ travel tales. I wanted to breathe in the Caribbean air, taste the succulent food, soak up the sunshine, and mostly experience my culture, all for myself. And so, in 2013, I did. I went on my own little adventure and spent close to two months in Jamaica- volunteering, visiting different parishes, and enjoying my relatives.

This experience led me to desire more. The following year, I enrolled in an MBA program at the University of the West Indies, and so I got my wish. I lived and studied in Jamaica for 15 months.

In a nutshell, I didn’t think life could get any sweeter. I thought I must of died, because I was actually living in paradise.

I hope you will enjoy my experiences as you read through my blog.



One thought on “About Shauna-Kay Cassell

  1. Hi, you are back home already for two years and I hope you have never regret to come back.
    Wish you all the God’s blessings and that your dreams may come true.

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