Navigating confusion in the midst of decisions

In every big decision that we make, there are little elements that causes us to pause. Most of the times we are not aware of these because of the way they present. Let’s talk about that little element of confusion. The mind has to reconcile in the midst of breakthrough moments and big decisions, is this really the right thing to do or am I crazy? I call this the element of confusion. Confusion is “the inability to think as clearly or quickly as you normally do.” It comes with a number of signs, including,”sudden changes in emotion, such as sudden agitation.

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Have you ever felt confident in a goal or desire that you are pursuing, but something or someone comes and knocks you out of your adrenaline rush? Once certain that the Lord gave you permission to take that trip, take that exciting opportunity, or refrain from doing something; but, the moment you settle into your decision something happens. You shared it with people, and now you have to reconcile their viewpoints as part of your decision making process- leaving you a little hm, confused. Did you really hear God the first time? Are you making the right decision? These questions plaque your mind leaving your brain too overwhelmed to decide on what is best for you.

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“For God is not the author of confusion but of peace…”1 Corinthians 14:33. Making decisions can often cause us to pause for many reasons, but remember we have to keep moving forward, not fall prey to confusion. So how do we ensure that we don’t get stuck here…and give up forever. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions: why am I confused? What did God tell me the first time? And who am I allowing to make my decision for me?


When it comes to certain decisions, I often feel that I do not have the ability to trust myself to make this decision, especially when I’ve failed too many times. So I go seeking counsel from sources that I believe have my best interest at heart. Many times when we share our goals with too many people, what we find is that everyone has a different perspective and rather than having to wrestle with our own, we now have an overload of opinions. I have a colleague who is looking for a house. She appeared extremely anxious and overwhelmed. When I inquired, this is when I learned that she had been getting so many opinions from friends and family so she has no idea if she’ll ever get a house. The market is too crazy! Move out of town! Wait til summer, blah blah blah….That’s what happen when we rely on other people’s opinions. Why are YOU confused? Well, when we choose to surrender our decision making abilities to other people, that’s what happens. Yes, we get to take counsel from others (choose who you want counsel from), and when they give us, we can decide for ourselves how beneficial their advise is to us. In other words, do we toss it or keep some or all of it? Once we take back control over our ability to make the decision we stop being confused.


Who are you surrendering your decision making abilities to, family members, trusted church brethren, friends? I realized that I was allowing these wonderful Godly women whom I trust and whom I consider experts in the area that I am making a decision, in the relationship realm. This is not the first time I’ve done this over my life. Out of fear, I wanted to hold on to every opinion in hopes that they would stare me right. But, I felt more confused than at peace. I don’t get to share my goals and desires with everyone – because even their good intentions can be hurtful and wounding to the soul. Rather than being helpful, they are hinderances to my faith. Even though I trust that these friends have my best interests, I still don’t have to put a heavy weight on their opinions. I still get the final say!


“What did God tell you the first time?” This is the question my dear sister asked me when I told her I’m becoming more confused with all the opinions I’ve been sorting through. Rather than feeling stuck, I have to come back to God. I get to tell Him in prayer, “Lord, I am stuck and confused right now and I know you are not the author of confusion, so please remove everything or everyone that is causing me to feel confused. Please remind me of what you told me the first time.” This way, we are bringing God right where He needs to be, in our hearts.

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We get the right to make decisions- this is the summation of all of our life experiences. We all want to “do the right thing” so that we don’t mess up and fail. But, honestly, it’s better to make a bad decision and fail, rather than surrendering control of our decisions to others – and then fail. When we make a “bad decision” this is an opportunity to learn and then pivot. When we make a good decision, we can celebrate our win and gain confidence to make more decisions in the future. The point is, we shouldn’t give up this amazing power, even if we are scared. I am in the midst of a life changing decision, and I for one am very scared. I seriously do not trust myself, but I have prayed. “With Christ, I can do anything” Philippians 4:13.

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Let that be an encouragement to you in month 5! Don’t give up on yourselves, we can do this. Remove every confusion and keep on moving. If you are in the middle of a big mistake, pivot, but don’t stop. Trust yourself. You got this!

Let’s do a new thing in 2022!

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:18-19

It’s exciting to start new things. New hobbies, new love, new jobs. It’s the feeling that I have no history, no perceptions or knowledge about the thing I am doing and I get to have a clean slate. Plus, there is no judgements from other people about me. Starting at day one, I am free to be anything I want to be, or even better, the best version of me. The Lord told Isaiah (43:18-19) to “forget the former things.” That is, forget the past because He is doing a new thing. Can you not perceive that it is already beginning to happen for you? What an exciting place to be on the first day of the year 2022!

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Awareness is the gift I give myself this year. Today, I went out walking on a trail nearby my house. I usually do that, but today was the first time for 2022. I wanted to be present and to feel alive and to experience the joy of something so simple. I spent time giving thanks to God as I reflect on his goodness and mercies. Each time a future plan came to mind, I committed it to God. With each step, I found joy and peace. I am excited about the fact that God promises to do a new thing and it will be better than the former. I don’t have to worry about whether God is going to come through this year like He did last year. I also don’t have to go looking for my blessings at the same places where He blessed me last year, because this year it is going to be different. Doesn’t that fill you with anticipation about what God is going to do this year?

I sure do. And what I love is that I am reminded by Matthew (6:30-31), “God will certainly take care of you, much more than he takes care of the grass. You should trust him more than you do! Do not have trouble in your mind about these things.” I am committed to lean on God’s promises so that I am not anxious, worried, or afraid. If 2022 is going to be an exciting year for us we must set our hearts with great expectations. Will you join me in doing so?

Since I left some advice in 2021 I decided to do it again this year.

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Here are some tips for my 2022:

Set boundaries: In the past I have often felt that this is a rejection word (And I suffered from this painful feeling for years). Now, I am embracing boundaries because I realize that I need the space from people (including family members) to become my best self for them.

Pray about everything: The bible tells us to do this, but when the bad things come around we are so anxious that we can’t even sit for a minute to say a sensible word to God. But, this is when we need to pray, so that we won’t do something stupid that we may regret.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts/Contentions/Arguing: No I am not saying to be passive and to ignore the need to address certain difficult situations. What I realize is that I have always been ready to address the conflicts when others are shunning them. And because I don’t get my resolve, this might set me off to ruminate and not think good thoughts towards the person. Plus, I become the one causing more conflict (including for myself). This year, I will use wisdom to know when to not respond and walk away and offer grace to people who irritate my skin.

Trust God to fight all my battles: I witness God fighting for me last year, over and over again, at work and in my family. It was like watching miracle after miracle. And the best part was, I didn’t have to be bent out of shape in the end. I experienced peace and I gave God is praises that is due. So I am committed to doing the same thing again.

Wait: Yes, I know this is a tough one. This is where the anxious thoughts come in. But, let’s be honest we do not control the times and we do not control people. So, I am going to be doing a lot of waiting and while I wait, you best believe I am going to be praying and worshipping.

As I set out on this first day with great expectations I know that every journey has its bumps in the road, but I will use my tips above to get through them, one at a time. I am committed to believing God for every promise He ever made to me. I hope to come back after a year to share my testimonies (and that you might do the same).

May you move ahead seeing and perceiving the new things the Lord will do in your life this year. He will do it.

Have an extraordinary year my friends!

10 things to know while Travelling

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you’re doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.”

Actor, Alan Alda

I find travelling to be the most creative of things I can do, specifically when I do it alone. I am connecting the dots through every decision I make. I am connected to people I’m never going to see again, at restaurants, while walking, or standing in line. Each person I meet has no idea whether I am a local or a tourist, not unless I actually tell them. When I was in the west of Canada, there is no distinct marker between me and the people I meet. Saying, “I’m from Ontario” doesn’t create any surprise reactions. Except, the people are curious about how my experience is going. Sometimes I would share my next venture with them, that I am on my way to Alberta.

Granville Station, Vancouver

When I got off the ferry, I took a bus to Vancouver’s skytrain. It wasn’t hard, just frustrating to figure out where I am going while on a strict schedule. I wanted to be at the Via Rail train station at 2pm. I sat on the bus between two asian young women, one white man at the back of the bus, and another white woman joined him with her suitcases. Once I got off the bus, I followed one of the asian woman. She agreed she would show me where to get the skytrain since she was going on the train too. While we arrive in the elevator, a black man (which I had seen in the ferry terminal in Victoria) was already in it, and an elderly white woman joined us. Most of us didn’t really know where we were going. We were figuring it out together. We lost the man who ended up taking the escalator, while the rest of us women walked to another elevator that took us to the platform. On the train, we started talking about Canada. I shared that I was on my way to Alberta, the Asian girl shared that she went to visit her parents on one of the island and she is returning. The elderly woman shared how she has watched Vancouver transformed into the big city it is now. There was another young white woman behind me who got my attention, and shared that she used to live in Alberta, but she is happy to live in BC now. She is in graduate school but doesn’t think she’ll be going back to Alberta. “Don’t go to the Edmonton Mall” she said, “Everyone goes there. Go to the Art Gallery or the Museum instead.” Well, I took her advice.

Art Gallery of Alberta

The elderly woman had told me to get off at the City Centre. Even though my GPS wanted me to continue on the train. I decided to take the elderly woman’s suggestions. When I got out of the train, I asked a number of people for directions. What I noticed was, no one was from Vancouver! The strangest thing… Two young girls directed me down an escalator, and from there I followed the signs to the platform. Nothing was completely difficult, it’s just that with the added stress of not wanting to miss my train, created anxiety. Anxiety and travelling is an uncomfortable mix. That’s probably why most people won’t do it. But, what calms me down is the confidence that, no matter what choice I make or not make, everything will work out just fine.

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Travelling opens up my curiosity and puts all my assumptions and expectations behind closed doors. I wish that I could live like that in my ordinary life. Each moment is an opportunity to create a memory and to not take anything for granted. When travelling, I am fully aware of how to live in the moment, because I am certain that I won’t get another opportunity to come back to that very spot. Sitting in the train with strangers talking like ole friends hardly happen for me at home. We connected over our transitory journey.

So to end this post, I want to say that I have learnt a lot while travelling, I just have to use those same lessons in my regular life. Let me share 10 of them with you:

  1. Always ASK questions, don’t assume nothing.
  2. LIVE in the moment and don’t take anything for granted.
  3. Set aside plans, and go with the FLOW (this is the one that I use as my mantra).
  4. Be CURIOUS and try new things (this is a staple of travelling)
  5. Always go with your HEART and set aside every limitation.
  6. Create MEMORIES not nightmares.
  7. Be OPEN minded.
  8. Be anxious for NOTHING.
  9. Make MISTAKES. They can turn out to be best memories.
  10. Be completely FREE to be yourself (no one is judging!)

Let your Father help you

Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Galatians 5:24

I have always considered myself God’s child. For someone who grew up going to church all my life this was a given. I just knew. I never think much about my behaviours as a child because I didn’t think that anything I did could impact my relationship with God. Even if I didn’t have an earthly father to be there for me, I believed that my Heavenly Father was the perfect father. As a child I dreamt about my earthly father being there for me just the way God promises He would be there. But for most/all of my life my dad was physically absent (even when I could see him). Yet, I knew I belong to my earthly father. And even more, I knew I belong to my Heavenly Father. I knew before I knew anything about the consequences of sin.That’s the beauty of God. He leads us with such care and teaches us just how much we need to know.

let your father help you
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When I became an adult, I became more intimate with sin, the deceptions and the pain it leaves behind. Just the same as how God nourished a personal relationship with me as a child with a kind of conviction and confidence, it wasn’t until I really became an adult, I realize Satan was doing the same thing to me, subtly. Once I moved out from the people who kept my life in check, my family and my spiritual family, I was all alone at University in a dorm. I was certain the Lord provided this room on campus at a challenging period of my life. Blessings sometimes come wrapped in their own challenges (or growth opportunities). This was the time Satan struck out at me. I questioned my beliefs, who I was, my relationship with God, and God himself. Soon enough I believed that I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. Satan helped me believe that my freedom should not be limited by Christian beliefs. That’s how seeds of doubt and confusion were planted. The easiest way to get rid of these I have come to learn is, just go with it. Instead of using spiritual wisdom to wrestle against “flesh and blood” and the snares of the enemy, it’s easier for the flesh to just do what feels natural. The guilt that comes thereafter goes away.

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The more I found myself wrestling less and feeling guilty less, I began to take this freedom to higher and higher notches. And yea, it felt good not to always be thinking about what it right or wrong. What do people do in their 20s right? You party, you travel, and you have a lot of fun. Fun can be defined as whatever you want to do. But, my eyes began to open to Satan’s traps little by little. When I got my first scare of a STD in South Korea, my body felt so disgusting to me. I didn’t even want to touch my own body. That was my wake up call of the tricks of sin. They are dressed up so refined, and rather than leaving the fruits of the spirit, love, kindness, gentleness, etc, you get a taste of lice! I thought I had learnt my lesson but after a few years, I forget. And like a pig, I get muddy again.

let your father help you
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There comes a time when we have to stop and assess our behaviours. Become spiritually mature. Are our behaviours serving us for the better? For years, I have made the same mistakes, thinking I found love and it turned out to be a fake (or a frog). But, this I am learning, “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” My passions and desires cannot direct my steps because they take me in the wrong places, and I get hurt over and over again. The only thing I ought to seek after is Christ because when I do, the Holy Spirit will take care of everything else.

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With the Holy Spirit, even our mistakes begin to serve God’s purposes. As an adult, I have come to learn that God doesn’t waste anything, not our pains, our hurts or wounds, and not our tears. They all mean something to our Heavenly Father. So, whether or not your earthly father was present for you, this is no reflect on your Heavenly Father’s promise: “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:8). And while you do not see your Heavenly Father, He is present and hearing every one of our prayers. He’s no Santa Claus that shows up once a year, this God that says,”Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool” (Isaiah 66:1), is present even in the worse places of our lives. So let Him help you, because there are times you just can’t do it alone.

What do you believe?

Brothers and sisters, if I am still preaching circumcision, why am I still being persecuted? In that case the offense of the cross has been abolished. Galatians 5:11

In a world of so many dogmas, specifically when it pertains to Christianity or even around the concept of God the Father, it is just so hard to know what to believe. What do we teach our children? Moreso, what do we believe is okay and not okay? Is circumcision the right thing to do or can we ignore it? That was the big issue in Paul’s day. And he was persecuted by his fellow Jewish pals for preaching against circumcision. Do you know what that meant? It’s kind of the same as the debate of worshipping on Saturday versus Sunday. Or, dare I say, whether Jesus died and rose again as God or was Jesus just a prophet that was taken up by God? I mean, these are really tough questions. How do we know what is right or wrong? And does all these questions matter?

who do you believe?

I must say that I have been a girl with many questions as long as I knew myself. Before I was 14 years old, I was intrigued with gaining knowledge. But, when I acquired the knowledge and was trying to make sense of all of it, I had questions about parts that didn’t add up in my little brain. At first, these were little questions. And even if the answers didn’t make too much sense, I accepted it anyway. But, then I grew up and started attending university. At 18 years old, I was already in my second year, and had read so many complicated constitutional and philosophical books- considering my majors were Political Science and Criminology. I went back to Sunday school with grander questions. Now that I had studied Socrates, Marx, Aristotle and others, I too appreciated the socratic method, and confidently asked more questions expecting detailed answers to my misunderstandings. You see where I am going with this…

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The more worldly knowledge I got is the more questions I had, and the less Faith was making sense. I believed more in logic than Faith. The one logic that got me off course of my christian beliefs was learning that the disciples or prophets were mere men who wrote the bible, not God himself, which was what I believed as a child. Now, in truth the bible never said God wrote the bible, rather, 2 Timothy 3:16-17 states, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…” These doubts poured into my brain so much so that by the time I was 19 years old, I was in total confusion. To further clarify things for myself, I decided I would take a Christian history course in my third year. Sure, it was interesting to learn about the history, but I didn’t realize what I was doing: Trying to make sense of my Faith, using history and logic to prove what I had been taught as a child. I have to tell you, it was a lot of mental work. Satan has a way of planting seeds of doubt and confusion that is so subtle, that you don’t think much of it, until you are in the deep end.

In our Criminal Justice system, the defence counsel only need to prove that there is doubt in the crown’s argument to unravel a case, and to free the accused of his charges. In the case of our christian walk, one small doubt, is all I needed to question every tenet of what I had learnt about God. At 19, I questioned God’s very existence. The lie satan asked me is this, if the church is wrong about so many things, how do I know that there really is a God? I won’t answer that question today. However, my belief is that, that was how the Jewish men felt about Paul’s views on circumcision. Moses was the one that gave the Jewish people circumcision, and who is greater than Moses? Therefore, Paul’s apparent new age beliefs had no place with the Jews.

Whether the Jewish people believed in circumcision or whether the Gentiles abstained from circumcision, that was not the big picture. “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love” (Galatians 5:6). Satan, however was in the middle of this debate. Paul was placed in a position where he had to defend himself to two sects. Could the gentiles trust Paul since he might actually still believe in circumcision? So, Paul makes it very clear where he stood. He was still being persecuted by the Jews who thinks he is against circumcision which means, obviously Paul is is not preaching circumcision!

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Paul knew the truth. He defended himself because Christ came to die on the cross, for such a reason, “You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace” (Galatians 5:4). But, a little doubt in Paul is all the people needed to stop thinking about the big picture; which was the fact that Christ died and rose again. That is what is important.

I have been long winded in this article to say this: Questions has a way of turning our beliefs into doubts, and moving us away from the truth. When we stop focusing on the little details of religion, and look to God, our Father in Heaven, (who is dying to have a relationship with us- pun intended), and believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the biggest sacrifice ever made on earth, we can truly trust that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

Meet Rocco

Meet Rocco, Toronto lawyer

Rocco Achampong, a Ghanian-born Canadian, has been practising law for over ten years in criminal, civil, and administrative litigation. He graduated from Osgoode Hall law school, York University in 2008 and is licensed with the Law Society of Ontario. Rocco chose law because of his empathetic and compassionate personality. “I bring about a compassionate approach where I can see the position of both sides, leaving room for collaboration, and ultimately maintaining some fidelity to the purpose of justice.”

Rocco always knew he wanted to become a lawyer. Before he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, he went straight to Osgoode Law. His education coupled with being surrounded by role models who all had law degrees gave his life a legal direction. “It was the only thing that made sense” says the Toronto lawyer. In the last 10 years, Rocco has never looked back. “When you do right by a young person who had been wrongfully targeted by police, and who is at risk of destroying his life, and you help them, it is a very satisfying feeling.” 

A civil-rights activist and a community leader at heart, Rocco has been actively mobilizing the community as the leader who he is. As the co-founder and president of the Black Students’ Association at UofT in 2001, he was in charge of 41,000 constituents and a $12-million budget. Now, that spark of leadership has been transpired into political leadership. In 2018, Rocco ran for City Counsellor of Eglington-West, and in 2010, he was a mayoral candidate. 

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Currently, Rocco sits on different boards, the International Black Film Alliance and the Pan-African Union Board (a proposed initiative). 

Rocco uses his many talents to serve his community in many ways, but being a lawyer is the most satisfying experience. As a lawyer, “I walk in the experience of my clients, and I am able to identify with someone in need” says Rocco. He serves his clients with compassion and empathy because he understands their circumstances. If you have legal questions or need more information feel free to contact Rocco by email: or by phone: (416) 434-2828. 

Time to Leave

May as well begin the farewell process. Happiness doesn’t last forever, and neither do vacations. Sooner or later the bliss ends, and reality begins. It’s just the way of life. I’m sad. Yes, I got used to life here; relationships, the sunshine, and the culture. I have come to embrace my own culture; the authentic piece of it, and not what I have been fed while living in Toronto. Yet, it seems I will have to leave behind all that I have learned to appreciate…again.

Time to Leave

Each time, I am faced with this severing, it leaves me feeling uncomfortable and in agony. How many times must I say good-bye? How many times must I experience new relationships- and then walk away? How many times must I start over?

The heavy coursework has abruptly been reduced; leaving me nothing but perceived free time, and mentally I am not prepared for this. So many things I had wanted to do- planned for, yet I do not have the drive to captivate myself with more vacation-activities. The MBA program drained every ounce of my energy, and has placed me in another frame of mind, “more work and less play.” I am trying to figure out what to do with my days now- as there is so much reading one can do for one class. I am left to my own thoughts- sometimes feeling uncertain about where my future will take me, and other times, excited that I will use my new skills and experience to make a world of a difference.

Time to LeaveSomeone told me that crossroads are good. Because they are always brimming with possibilities. This I am hopeful for. But at every crossroads, it seems, you have to give up one thing for another. And you can only hope that your decision is the best one. It has to be. This program coming to an end is pushing me to make a decision about the next phase in my life. I am torn. My emotions have been wrapped up on this experience and letting go isn’t so easy. It has been a tough journey to be here, and after experiencing all kinds of emotions- anger, when things aren’t going so great, frustration about the things I have no control of, and joy when life doesn’t seem it could get any better- I am now feeling sad and disappointed that this season of life is coming to an end. Because, I am not ready to move on. Yet, when the program ends, so does my purpose for being in Jamaica.

Making the decision to change directions is really hard. I have been in this state of calamity too many times; perhaps because I have travelled and have called many places home. When I left Jamaica the first time, it was like ripping a band-aid from a fresh wound. But I regained stability, and found a new place to call home. Now, it seems I am about to endure a similiar process. I am looking for a way to find harmony in my soon-to-make decision. Because building relationships and then cutting them is just not okay. Is there a solution? Must I journey through life, emotionless?

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Perhaps, I will have to take my own preventative measure to overcome ‘this’; by making periodical visits, and be sure to take remnants of the experience with me- like, photographs of the memories, and contact information to stay in touch with those I cared about. Yes, it is inevitable that “all good things must end”, but it doesn’t mean that I have to lose all the people that played a part in my life. I simply cannot go through that again. Although I am saying good-bye to one season- maybe this is the door to another amazing experience. And maybe, just maybe this time, it is not ‘farewell’ afterall, but ‘welcome home’ instead.

A night at the CNE!

As if the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) have any correlation between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. For some reason, this fair that began in 1879 has grown and hosted millions of people each year. The CNE opens its gates the third week of August for two weeks; and ends on Labour day, the first Monday in September.

This year I had a chance to go with a group of friends. There were opportunities to shop for basically anything one could think of, clothes, furniture, arts and crafts, cultural artifacts, spas, kitchenwares and more. There were opportunities to play games to win teddy bears which is a mark of any fair. But what mostly had our attention were the rides. All of us twenty-somethings were running around from ride to ride, pairing up with each other with no particular order, and brimming with excitement as the hours pass. No set curfew except that closing hours was at midnight. We spent the first few hours walking around- getting side tracked by games and food and the difficult decision of whether or not to get an All-Day rides pass or to purchase tickets. In the end majority of us purchased the pass and set to riding. The first two left my head spinning like a merry-go-round and my stomach twirling from side to side. Those rides zapped the fun out of me and I wasn’t the only one. Two of us were so affected by the ride-virus which left us sauntering from side to side feeling like we had a bad case of the hangovers. We told our other friends to ride on without us as we found our way to a food cart. My friend ordered chicken wings and fries with a drink and I thought that all I needed was a small cup of $3 coke. In no time the coke was done, when it only began to ease the headaches. My friend shared his wings with me as we found a seat on a ledge in the middle of all the excitement. We just hoped our friends would find us. The thought of spending $38 for a pass and only going on two rides didn’t sit well with me either so I needed to get better fast!

When our other friends came back grinning from ear to ear from all the fun they were having without us, we got up and left with them, a bucket of chicken wings in hand. When they saw other rides they wanted to go on, we watch them skip along together and there I was, hoping that I’ll feel better soon. I decided, no more spinning rides. Their ride ends and we move on. When we saw drop zone, we dropped everything and took off to the gates and found seats next to each other- it’s late so no line ups.  At the beginning of that ride, everything is great. It’s when the realization of the impact of this dumb decision kick in when I’m already more than halfway to the top and there’s no way to come down that the nerves begin to go bizerk. My shrieks of “Oh NO” “HELP” is practically useless at this altitude. And the worse feeling when we reach the top, and literally pause up there. Waiting for what? ..our nerves to scream for more help that isn’t coming?! And then the ride lets us go and our mouths are open but no scream or noise is coming out, except our stomachs seem to literally feel empty. It ends and I gather my stomach and my head. Some of the guys ran back for seconds; me, I had enough. Suddenly, I no longer felt sick.

On again and off again like children we roam around on rides. When it was now midnight we gathered for food, funnel cakes of course. I won’t get into the funnel cake details but what was great was sitting together on picnic benches enjoying each other’s presence, laughing about the coarseness of the funnel cake while at the same time sticking our forks into each other’s plates, to see who had the better funnel cake. We had security tell us the park was closed which was how we ended up leaving the park mins to 1′ 0 clock, but not before group pictures. That was an awesome night at the CNE. Say Cheese!


Summer Festivals: Taste of the Danforth

Taste of the Danforth

This is an annual festival that has been taking place in Toronto since 1994. This is an opportunity to taste various Greek cuisine. Since its inception, it has grown from 500,000 people to attracting 1.3 million visitors in the span of 3 days and 2 nights.

As much as this is a celebration of Greek heritage, it is also a celebration of Toronto’s multicultural heritage.

This festival may not be one of the top 10 things to do, but in case you’re in Toronto during the month of August, try visiting this festival. It is a good experience- especially if you haven’t seen all the cultures of Toronto in one location!

“There’s no place like home”


Dorothy, from the wizard of Oz, is right. There’s no place like home. Home for me is Toronto and I’m growing to love it here. I’m developing a whole new appreciation for this city. I guess travelling around the world make you see better what you have. There is so much to do here and there is no doubt about this fact: Toronto is clean and beautiful! No one can argue against this.

Last night I went to see a broadway performance- The Wizard of Oz. And what a beautiful performance it was. The characters and the scenes came to life with the brilliant colours and props. The music and the singing uplifted me and centered my mind right into the scenes. The lights and 3D imagery made me feel not as a spectator but that I was with Dorothy as she searched for the Wizard. It was beautiful. And it was symbolic of the way I felt when I walked out of the theatre and into the nightlife of downtown Toronto. How does such a large city still feel so alive and safe no matter what time it is? You stare into the sky and what you see is the beautiful buildings that makes this city what it looks and feels like. In search for a restaurant we walked in the direction of Dundas Square. Before you are there, you can hear the music and the sound of festivities, which all brings the city to life. We stopped to observe and take pictures and proceeded to cross the street, where we met up with a lone musician playing for donations. At 10:30 on a Friday night, the crowd is heavy. Another sign you are in a big city. We made it to Jack Astor’s, so the restaurant is called. We receive a beeper and was told we have a 10 minute wait time. Inside the restaurant, the music is loud and the place is crowded.

All of this makes me fall in love with this city again. I thought I had outgrown it but there’s so much I haven’t yet experienced and I’m so glad that last night reminded me that there’s much fun to be had in my own city!