The echoes of hope

Written by: My friend, James Golding

I rise today,

Conscious and reflective of yesterday.

I thought …that as we travel through the canyon of life,

Each day we hear echoes.

These are milestones of how far we have traveled,

Reminders that we have a distance yet to go.

The echoes tell we have gone far, and gives hope we can go further.

Still those echoes never say how much further we have to go,

How much time is allotted,

Nor, whether we need to go at all.

Dinner at Milestones and sleep over

Yea, another dinner date on another weekend. I told you, this is the thing to do here. Dinner was at 6pm, I arrived promptly at 5:58 in the parking lot, casually walked towards the door, where it was held open by another guest coming to eat dinner at the same restaurant. He and his family were just ahead of me. They were taken to their seats, and then it was my turn. “Table for two please”. I said. “This way please”. I am placed at my seat with utensils and menu neatly in front of me. I play with my phone while waiting alone for my friend. She text that she will be there shortly. It’s 6:01. I am ontime. In no time, the greeter takes my friend over to join me. We greet each other and take our seats, and before long we were deep in conversation, about my “Journey to Jamaica”. Yea it’s the only thing I’ve been talking about since I returned.

I asked for tea to drink, with a mere pause in conversation we quickly picked up from where we left off and speed down the path with more stories and advices and hopes and dreams and everything spewing out. Dinner arrived. Salad for me with noodles, pork stripes and avocado and maybe mango juice all in it. It was sweet and satisfying. From time to time, the waiter, Kyle, comes over to check on us, interrupting the flow of conversation but we let him. Two and a half hours later, we realize it’s time to go. We ask for the bill, split it and made our way out. No desserts today.

We walked and talked and said our goodbyes. And I proceeded with the next order of events- sleepover. I drove to a different friend’s house- children are there as well, so a babysitting, sleepover with my good friend present. We stayed up to watch fast and furious 5, ate home made burgers in the living room and when that movie ended we decide to watch another, fast and furious 1. It’s the weekend, so no big deal. It’s well past 2 in the morning and everyone is getting tired, some are already sleeping.

Everyone finds a place to sleep and in no time, the night is over. I’m back at the same house later the next day to do the same thing! This time, it’s the TV show Scandal we’re watching. I’m the one that falls asleep before the show ends.

I suppose I’m adjusted again, though Jamaica is not out of my mind, it’s out of my system. I’m not wishing to be there, but I’m enjoying the telling and retelling of the stories. And I’m already looking forward to planning another trip to……I don’t know, Africa???