Meet Rocco

Meet Rocco, Toronto lawyer

Rocco Achampong, a Ghanian-born Canadian, has been practising law for over ten years in criminal, civil, and administrative litigation. He graduated from Osgoode Hall law school, York University in 2008 and is licensed with the Law Society of Ontario. Rocco chose law because of his empathetic and compassionate personality. “I bring about a compassionate approach where I can see the position of both sides, leaving room for collaboration, and ultimately maintaining some fidelity to the purpose of justice.”

Rocco always knew he wanted to become a lawyer. Before he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, he went straight to Osgoode Law. His education coupled with being surrounded by role models who all had law degrees gave his life a legal direction. “It was the only thing that made sense” says the Toronto lawyer. In the last 10 years, Rocco has never looked back. “When you do right by a young person who had been wrongfully targeted by police, and who is at risk of destroying his life, and you help them, it is a very satisfying feeling.” 

A civil-rights activist and a community leader at heart, Rocco has been actively mobilizing the community as the leader who he is. As the co-founder and president of the Black Students’ Association at UofT in 2001, he was in charge of 41,000 constituents and a $12-million budget. Now, that spark of leadership has been transpired into political leadership. In 2018, Rocco ran for City Counsellor of Eglington-West, and in 2010, he was a mayoral candidate. 

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Currently, Rocco sits on different boards, the International Black Film Alliance and the Pan-African Union Board (a proposed initiative). 

Rocco uses his many talents to serve his community in many ways, but being a lawyer is the most satisfying experience. As a lawyer, “I walk in the experience of my clients, and I am able to identify with someone in need” says Rocco. He serves his clients with compassion and empathy because he understands their circumstances. If you have legal questions or need more information feel free to contact Rocco by email: or by phone: (416) 434-2828. 

Meet Ayo

My name is Ayo Adetuberu, the Principal at Adetuberu Law Office. I am a licensed lawyer with the Law Society of Ontario and Nigerian Bar Association. I realized early the power that comes with the knowledge of law. I wanted to be equipped with that knowledge and make it accessible to all. My core practice areas are Real Estate, Immigration, and Family Law. My family law practice is mainly focused on assisting low-income earners and victims of domestic abuse and guiding them through the legal process. I am involved with different organizations to achieve this, one of which is the Luke’s Place, a centre for change devoted solely to improving the safety and experience of abused women and children as they proceed through the family law process.

My practice is built on 3 core values: Creative Solutions, Competitive Pricing and Client Satisfaction. I empathize well with people from different backgrounds. At Adetuberu Law, we understand that our role is to look after our clients and their best interests, and we take that role seriously. It is with utmost respect and dedication in which we serve you. The quickest way to reach me is through my email:

For more information, you can also visit my website.