Ferry to Vancouver

Monday morning came. I laid in bed for a little while, wondering what was happening outside the walls of this hotel. Were people frantically trying to get to work on time? Were children apathetically walking to school? If I was home I would be in the former category, but I was not at home. I was in Victoria, British Columbia. And this morning I was going to Vancouver by ferry to catch the 3 0’clock train to Alberta. Now, that was exciting to me.

My suitcase was pretty much packed from the day before, so I only had to get dressed. The drive to Enterprise rental car was calming. Looking outside to see the colourful scenery in the comfort of a luxury car, with my favourite music playing was idyllic. I felt a sense of completion because I had done everything I wanted to do in Victoria. I anticipated whatever was going to happen next. I was quite surprised when Enterprise told me that they would provide me a taxi to the ferry at no cost to me. Within five minutes the taxi arrived. Every thing went seamlessly.

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After being dropped off by the taxi driver, an Indian man who had been living in Victoria for the last 25 years with his wife, I went through the ferry terminal doors. It was easy enough to purchase my ticket, then follow the escalator down to the lower level to sit with the other passengers. As soon as it was 10:30, I heard the announcement calling for the passengers to commence boarding. I peered through the little peeping holes (like the windows of an airplane), to watch the orderly flow of cars driving unto the ferry. It reminded me of when I took the ferry from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island.

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I was in a long flowing line of passengers going though a lengthy hallway. I showed my ticket and stepped unto the ferry. That’s when I realized this was nothing like the one I took. This one was huge! I didn’t know where I wanted to sit because there were so many options. I took a corner row that had five very broad seats, with equal seats in front of me. I had that row to myself. After I was settled in, I decided to go exploring – only to find there was a section for dining. A full restaurant with everything, including chefs that were making meals, cashiers, as well as a cold food section. And there were so many dining tables. It was a restaurant, and one with the best views! I left the dining section, I opted not to take the elevator, so I could climb the stairs to the upper level. This was where the deck was. The deck also had tables and several seating areas on both ends. Some people were getting their meditation in the sun, and backing in this glorious experience. I went back to get my wallet.

The ferry started moving. I looked out of the numerous windows to observe the snow covered mountains in the distance. It looked like the mountains touched the sky. The food line moved quickly enough and I was at the cashier ordering a burger with fries and a hot chocolate. I carried my tray upstairs to the deck. The wind almost blew my tray away. It almost blew me away too. Another passenger picked up my wrapped burger from off the ground and walked with me to a table. Luckily, there was an overhead covering that blocked the wind. It was a bit cold, but not too cold to prevent me from staying on the deck long enough to get my heart’s content.

The ferry ride was only 1 hour and 30 mins and I really wanted to take in as much of the view as possible. So after lunch, I walked around the deck, my hoodie blocking the wind. I went under the overhead covering to look through the glass at the rough waves the ferry was making. I wondered if I would see a whale or dolphin in the deep blue sea, but I saw nothing. Being at sea though wasn’t boring. The sea drew me to reflect on the Creator of this magnificent ocean. And I worshiped the Lord, God.

Better to Give than to Receive…

Photo by Min An from Pexels

I’m beginning to wonder if there is some unspoken truth about giving that nobody tells us about. Our parents sternly warned us to be kind and share with our brothers and sisters, but never really delve into the details about why. And as we get older, if we don’t share with our friends and family they reprehensibly look down upon us as if we’ve sinned in some revolting way. But why should we give? Are there benefits for giving? And should this be one of those things on our to-do-lists?

When I was a child my mother always had to remind me to share with my brother. It was never the thing at the forefront of my mind. And why should it? If I got a bag of delicious candies, why would I want to give it away? It’s mine, right? As I got older, a teenager, one of my aunts would constantly remind me about how selfish I was; so much that I almost started to equate that word with my name, “Shauna, the selfish”. In my mind though, I didn’t think I was selfish. I just had a firm belief about possession. When something is mine, it belongs to me only and I shouldn’t have to give it away; and when it isn’t, I’ve also learnt how not to be jealous or envious. It’s the way I saw it and sometimes I still see it that way. But I do now however, practise giving more often. Because I see that there are benefits. Well, there has to be a good reason to give something away, right?

I pick occasions to give. I consciously do it, because giving doesn’t seem to come naturally; not to me. In other words, I have to ask myself whether this is a chance to be generous, and when my mind feels greedy by thinking only about me, I remind myself that this person may very well benefit because of me.

It’s actually motivating to give when you think of the reward. Not the ‘other’ reward that you’re going to benefit, which you are; rather it is the feeling of doing something kind. It feels fulfilling and uplifting when someone is happy because you gave of yourself. It is as the bible says,

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Acts 20:35

What is interesting though about being generous is that often, the same hand that you’ve helped isn’t always the hand that repays the favour. It is here I’m reminded of a movie, “Pay-it-Forward” because it highlights the principle of giving. When you help another person by giving of yourself, your time, and your energy there is a greater reward stored up for you and it comes in the least expected of ways, like the homeless man that tried to save a woman from jumping off a bridge. The homeless man was helping this woman because someone had helped him and he was looking at the world differently, from eyes of compassion. The bible says it this way,

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Luke 6:38

So is giving important to me now? It most certainly is! There are countless benefits for giving and that’s why we should always remember to do so. We give not because we expect to get something in return, but because good naturally flows out of giving. It’s one of those common beliefs that is so important that it had to be written in the bible. When I listen to other people’s stories, you get the picture that because they were kind, God opened a miraculous door in a way that they needed it most. And you have to ask, was it because they gave?

Christian Meditation: God is Good and Perfect

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A King had a male servant who, in all circumstances always said to him; My king, do not be discouraged because everything God does is perfect, no mistakes. One day, they went hunting and a wild animal attacked the king, the servant managed to kill the animal but couldn’t prevent his majesty from losing a finger.

Furious and without showing gratitude, the King said; if God was good, I would not have been attacked and lost one finger. The servant replied, ‘despite all these things, I can only tell you that Godis good and everything He does is perfect, He is never wrong’.

Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his servant. While being taken to prison, he told the king again, God is Good & Perfect. Another day, the king left alone for another hunt and was captured by savages who use human beings for…

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