The Training Process

Do you often wonder if, the way we begin in life plays any significance to how we end up during the latter parts of it? Like does God have this divine destiny for each of us, and does He set out a rigorous ‘training program’ to get us there? If this was the case, it could possibly explain why some things in our lives seem to happen repetitively and doesn’t stop until we have somehow grasp the lesson to be learned.

When I examine the life of Moses I can see that he was created for an ultimate purpose: that was to lead the children of Israel to the Promise land. He was born at a strange time when Pharaoh was killing male children but somehow Moses survived as a result of his mother’s bravery and faith. She hid him in a basket and sent him across the Nile (river). Pharoh’s daugher spot the baby and chose to keep him. She named him Moses. For forty years, Moses grew up as a Leader in the house of Pharoh, but at the same time he was going through the training program of God to become the Great Deliverer. The second phase of his training took place at Jethro’s house (his future father-in-law)- leading sheep for another 40 years. It was after a total of eighty years that God deemed Moses ready to take on his divine purpose; in spite the fact that Moses saw himself as inadequate. He had to lead the Children of Israel and he did so for 40 more years of his life. Now the story is much more detailed than I have outlined, but I’m fascinated that God really had this purpose for Moses; and if each of us are going through a specific training that will only make sense at the end.

Another biblical character, Joseph, also lived a purposed life. Every act led him closer to becoming a major leader of Egypt. Even his potential death was altered, so that he would not die by the hands of his brothers. Instead he was spared and was sold to strangers on their way to Egypt. Upon arriving he became a servant in the house of Pharoh. Pharoh saw Joseph’s integrity and leadership and promoted him over all of Pharoh’s affairs. Even when the wife of the house accused Joseph of flirting with her, and caused him to be thrown in Prison, he still became a leader in the prison. The story unfolds when Joseph translated Pharoh’s dreams about the future famine and thereby caused Pharoh to place him in charge of the entire land of Egypt. In the end, Joseph also saved his family and all the neighbouring cities from the seven-year famine that took place. How extraordinary.

Now, if God has us on a particular ‘training program’ and intends for each of us to gradually pass each stage in order that we might make it to the final outcome or our ultimate purpose, then does that really mean that we all were not randomly thrown on earth? Many people tend to feel that way; but will often admit that there are obvious patterns in their lives. We are faced with the same incidents over and over, until we get to a point in which we are left with no other choice but to alter the path in which we’re on. I think in these circumstances, it must be God calling us to stay on track because we’ve veered off our particular training program. But there are other men in life, like Hitler. You have to wonder if the holocaust was his ultimate purpose. Why would God allow such a gruesome event to happen? Or on another event, did Jesus mean for Judas to betray Him? Judas’ ultimate purpose it seems, was to betray his friend, Jesus, because right after that he committed suicide. Maybe what these men did was to disregard God’s program that was over their lives, and followed their own whims instead. I don’t exactly know for sure.

The point is, God seems to have this great plan for our lives, but except He takes us through His rigorous training we can never be fully prepared for the master plan of God. Moses and Joseph did not have it easy because being a Great leader seems to come with a whole lot of afflictions. But, if we trust God and believe that we have all been created for a preordained event; and in order to be ready we have to endure the difficult times in our lives, then maybe it’ll be easier to get through our own circumstances and understand the lessons they teach us.

Thank you for your response. Great to hear from you.

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