Boston Beach, Portland

By: Rochelle Knight | Adventures from Elle

I’m convinced that Portland has Jamaica’s best beaches! Boston Beach was a long drive from Kingston but that was quickly forgotten by time I arrived. Although it was my first time visiting this beach, I was always aware it existed because just next to it is the Boston Jerk Centre, home to Jamaica’s most famous jerk chicken and pork, a place of which I’ve always heard but never visited.

Boston Jerk Centre is actually a cluster of several rustic stalls offering taste-and-buy meats, meaning you get a sample of the jerk you’re purchasing before paying and if you change your mind and no longer want theirs, no worries. While I’m not 100% convinced that their chicken is the best I’ve ever had, it was certainly fantastic. The pork though? Phew, child! It definitely wins the title of Jamaica’s best jerked pork. Please visit their stalls and take your pick. I wish I remembered the names of the ones I bought from. Sides include festivals, breadfruit, roasted yam, sweet potato and plantains. If you come across a Rasta man trying to sell you cane juice too, bargain with him for a fair price and take a bottle with some cups of ice chips. It was absolutely refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to a sultry Jamaican afternoon. You can learn more about Jamaica’s unique eats here. Anyway, I’m here to talk about the beach so let’s dive into that.

From Kingston, there are two ways to approach Boston Beach. One is via the Junction main road which links rural St. Andrew and St. Mary, and serves as the gateway to Portland. The other goes through Bull Bay, another rural end of St. Andrew, then through St. Thomas and eventually Portland. I took the latter route this trip despite Google Maps listing it as 10 minutes longer, simply because I planned to stop at Reach Falls afterwards. In fact, Reach Falls was the main reason for this trip but I decided to make the extra half hour drive to experience what is reputed as Jamaica’s best jerk. Thus, I hadn’t even researched Boston Beach in the least, except consulting Google Maps to find out how long the drive to the jerk centre was from Reach Falls.

My heart was absolutely full. The drive is long but oh-so-beautiful and filled with lush countryside, cool mountain air, quaint churches and houses, jaw-dropping coastal views and fresh sea breezes. The road surface fluctuates between excellent and freshly paved to pothole-riddled so drive carefully. In fact, the communities through which you’ll drive are farming villages so don’t be too alarmed if you see cows or goats leisurely crossing the roads. Unfamiliar with livestock on main roads, I stopped in the hopes that these cows would get the message but they continued to saunter across unbothered until I made it clear I needed to pass. That’s when they stopped in their tracks, much like a pedestrian who thought better of jaywalking into the path of oncoming traffic. It was actually hilarious and brought back memories of my Gut River trip last year where the several hundred goats we passed were not accustomed to vehicles using the road at all.

Boston is open every day of the week from 9am till 5pm, and admission is JM$200 per adult. They have restrooms, changing rooms, showers, a restaurant and bar, lifeguards and surfing is available. In fact, Boston Beach is one of Jamaica’s best surfing spots and you’re likely to see a few surfers in action like I did. You’re allowed to bring and eat outside food on the beach too, huge plus. Thus, I bought food from the jerk centre which is a minute’s drive away then ate it at the beach instead of buying from their restaurant. Covered seating is available also.

Re surfing: Boards can be rented and instructors are available at a price (didn’t check the cost though, sorry).

The Beach

Truly, I’ve not been this pleasantly surprised by a place in a long time. Mind you, I’m always happy to visit the places I do but I tend to at least have seen them before on social media or a website, so I always know what to expect before I see the place for myself. Boston? I hadn’t the slightest clue and in fact, I was wondering if it would be worth spending money on a beach I didn’t plan to spend long at (err.. only wanted to have lunch at). It ended up becoming the best $200 I’ve spent in a few months!

The waves were perfect! Not gentle but not too rough, not cold but not too warm, crystal clear, not too salty, literally perfect. This is the most refreshed I can recall ever feeling by seawater in my life. The temperature was even too, not fluctuating like at Frenchman’s Cove where one step it’s warm and the next you’re shivering due to the river which ends its course there. In fact, a Jamaican author, blogger and friend of mine, Alexis Chateau, mistook a throwback post I made on Instagram at Frenchman’s Cove last month for this beach and I can see why. Boston Beach looks identical (I know! uncanny), albeit wider, minus the river and much, much cheaper.

As a nice perk, there’s a very Instagrammable swing and some adorable puppies call this beach home. This was also the first time I’ve ever seen surfing in real life. You could tell the lone surfer was having the time of his life being centre of attention, but it looked so exciting. With a life-jacket on, maybe someone could’ve convinced me to try.

Wrap Up

Spontaneous is good! It goes against my meticulous nature but these are the moments you cherish just as much as the moments where everything went according to plan. I left a little sliver of my heart at this beach which I rate full stars, ☆☆☆☆☆. Next time I visit though, I must stay overnight. The drive from Kingston while running on E post-exams was exhausting and I really had to leave too quickly. I imagine sunset from this beach would’ve been wonderful.

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If you are a woman travelling to Jamaica solo this is a must read.

by Marylin of GirlfriendTours

Source: If you are a woman travelling to Jamaica solo this is a must read.

Forget what your friends say, what you have read, or what you have heard, pack your bags and experience Jamaica. Ever since that movie (you know the one I mean), came out in the 1990’s, single female travel to Jamaica has come under scrutiny. Far from increasing and encouraging it, this movie well may discourage the shy shrinking violet of the “fairer sex”. Throw away the stigma and pack your bags for one of the most “lady-friendly” spots on our planet.

My friend, Angelia Hairston and I (Marilyn Williams), would like to introduce you to the beautiful Island of Jamaica, WI. Extensive research of the Caribbean Island finds that all roads lead back to Jamaica. Jamaica will offer you more for the money, more excitement, more geographical vistas, more wonderful people, more diverse shopping experiences, and more reasons to return.

My first trip to Jamaica was made with a rather quiet and withdrawn female traveling companion. Jamaica did not work her magic on my friend as she did on me. Two months later I was frantically trying to find someone to return with me. Having no takers, I had to go solo. This would only be the second trip I had taken alone in my life, and not to mention I was going international.

To travel to Jamaica you will need a valid passport, or an original copy of your birth certificate. If you opt for the birth certificate, and you are married or divorced (therefore your name is different than that on the birth certificate), then it is best to carry along a copy of your marriage license/divorce decree. I have never been asked for these documents personally, but another female traveler on the board mentioned a problem in this area.

My rule of thumb for finances in Jamaica is to carry $100.00 for everyday I plan to be on the island. Please don’t panic…. you will by no means spend that per day, but I like to have that cushion just in case. Traveler’s checks will work for you fine in Jamaica and are probably advisable, but I don’t like them personally. I have two friends who travel solo and they bring their ATM cards and very little cash. There are ATM machines in all of your major cities, so they go get cash in little dribbles as needed.

Most hotels and resorts in Jamaica offer in-room safes for a fee. These may give you some peace of mind, but guard your safe key carefully. A lady traveler, who attended Bashment in Negril, was robbed by a gentleman she invited to her room for the evening. I must hasten to mention that he was a fellow tourist and NOT a Jamaican.

This is probably as good a place as any for me to mention that you still must remember everything your mother taught you and apply it in Jamaica as you would at home. All cautions are still on here even though you are on “vacation.”

You will land in bustling Montego Bay and be whisked away to seven miles of perfectly beautiful beach and exciting non-stop nightlife. But Negril is not the only destination in Jamaica. The entire Island is traveler friendly; therefore it is “lady friendly.”

The Myths…

  1. All the men aren’t Romeos intent on separating you from your hard earned money. Caution errs on the side of reason when it comes to courtship on ANY vacation. Can you really find your “soul mate” in 5 days???? When leaving your hotel or resort with a friend for any reason let someone at the hotel know whom you are going out with. Try to insure that your bellman or front desk sees your “date” escort you from the property. I know you are a big girl, but you are out of your comfort zone.
  2. Jamaica is NOT full of crime. Very little if any crime against tourist is reported in a given year. The data probably is not nearly as bad as your hometown. Use all the cautions you use at home regarding your person/valuables. Don’t get hypnotized by the cool breeze and beautiful ocean and leave your purse, passport, or $400.00 camera lying around unattended.
  3. Leave your expensive jewelry at home. Why take a chance, and no one there is impressed with things like that. They will be more impressed with your smile and goodwill.
  4. Pack light. No sequined dresses required. Comfortable casual clothes and shoes, wraps and swimsuits, and one nice “club” outfit should get you through your Jamaican adventure.
  5. Make some friends, Jamaican friends, and get out and experience the country. You can get some great references from people on or from the Jamaica Visitor’s Bureau.
  6. Hire drivers, you don’t want to try to drive in Jamaica, especially not on your first trip.
  7. Check with your fellow board members for lodging and tour recommendations.
  8. Purchase one of the little waterproof money carriers that you can wear around our neck when swimming/diving etc. I bought mine at a dive shop and it comes in very handy for all the water situations you will find in Jamaica.
  9. Check with fellow board members for the name and number of good local drivers. If you use the ones lined up at the door of your hotel/resort they are likely to overcharge you as they owe a kickback to the hotel.
  10. Ask your fellow boardites for tips on excursions in your destination area. They can help you secure transportation and give you and idea of approximate cost. Plan as many of these before your trip as possible it will make for a more relaxing trip.
  11. Remember to be courteous and respectful in Jamaica. By in large, the treatment you give is the treatment you will receive.
  12. Tipping in Jamaica is 10-15%. Tip where deserved and follow your conscious. Unfortunately, All-inclusive resorts do not allow tipping, and if the employee is caught accepting your tip their job could be in jeopardy. Use caution.

Relax…and let Jamaica enfold you in her loving embrace and suck all of that female stress right out of your body. Nowhere else on earth can do it like Jamaica.

If Angie and I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or e-mail us at

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Furious and without showing gratitude, the King said; if God was good, I would not have been attacked and lost one finger. The servant replied, ‘despite all these things, I can only tell you that Godis good and everything He does is perfect, He is never wrong’.

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