Spirits, Are They Among Us?

Are there such things as ghosts, spirits, demons, angels? Are there really things that the physical eye just cannot see? Is there more to us than this mortal body in which we reside in? Then why is it that only a few people are aware of the spirit world?

When I hear about these topics in conversations or at churches I shun away from them because my finite mind cannot begin to comprehend so I tend not to entertain these conversations- especially at night. If my church friends go off on a tangent about the spirit world, I quickly shut them up or block the details; for as far as I know- it is just part of their beliefs that I have not yet decided to take on. But should I accept what may or may not be real? Is there more to this world than what meets the natural eye?

The bible talks about demons and how Christ commanded them to be released from a woman. It even call these demons by a name: Belzebob..How can I contest with the bible? I’ve heard of many stories about people’s experiences hearing voices, sounds, etc. I’ve heard about the wigiboard..how people call upon spirits and they appear. My family has told me stories about Obeia- and I can’t imagine why my family would lie. I grew up hearing scary stories- and I took them as just that. Made up stories used to scare us children…and to make us laugh. The stories have resonated with me but I still find it difficult to perceive these stories as part of my reality.

When I listen to a preacher talk about Satan, the devil, the great deceiver, Lucifer- his names go on; I think it’s just another world that I have chosen not to care about, and not to be interested enough to learn more. But, I’m wondering now..should I show a deeper interest in this topic? Isn’t it time that I get over my fear and research about the truth about what I tend to think are “fallacies”?

Most recently a friend of mine was talking about some of his experiences with the spirit world. To hear another “story” from a person who isn’t even a religious person left be wondering, is this really possible? Doe evil spirits really exist? I also went to a conference a few weeks ago, and a preacher discussed his experience as a freemason. He explained how his family were all apart of this organization, but when he became a Christian he decided he had to separate himself. His leaders were going to kill him- except for the spirit of Christ that saved him. Now I believe in the spirit of Christ, although I have never had a personal experience of Christ saving me from real danger.

It seems that there is more to learn than I thought- but do I really have to? Can’t I stay in my naive state-of-mind, simply trusting in God and believing that He will protect me from all forms of evil, if it really does exist?

Published by

Shauna-Kay Cassell

I was born in Jamaica and have been residing in Canada for over 20 years. I graduated with Honours Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Toronto, a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration at Seneca College, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of the West Indies, Mona. I've worked for the former Ministry of Children ad Youth Services (now the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services). Now I'm a Court and Client Representative for the Ministry of the Attorney General. In my spare time, I write press releases, blogs, and news articles for different organizations, including my own website. I write about experiences about travelling, social justice issues, relationship and spirituality. Visit me at shaunacassell.ca

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